the photographic work of nathaniel c. shannon
Nathaniel Shannon is a New York based photographer and musician. His humanist work deals with the fantastical exploration into situations which aren’t impossible, but are totally not probable. He has set out to confront people with an adolescent twist on adult ideals. His work may seem somewhat intense, yet playful, all while maintaining a dark sense of humor, and turns it on an audience who are so self conscious of others opinions they forgotten how to simply enjoy things at face value. He believes art is a distraction from the uncertainty of everyday life, and his work represents whatever you think it represents for yourself. Childish. Fun. Silly. Offensive. Disgusting. Beautiful. Loud. Dark. Whatever you chose. He photographs things as he feels the world presents itself to him. For better or worse, this is the only way he knows, understands, and advances his life and work.